Day 12 – Lasagne

So we decided to make Lasagne today and it was delicious. It was so yummy it was all gone before I could get a picture of it cooked so I have added the picture before I put it in the oven πŸ˜€

See recipe below


Day 12 - Lasagne.jpg


450g – 500g of Mince Beef

500 ml of Lasagne white sauce

500 ml of Lasagne tomato sauce

Lasagne sheets


Fry the mince and once brown add the Lasagne tomate sauce and cook for 5 – 10 mins on a low heat

Preheat the oven to 180 C

Depending on the size of the dish, I soak the lasagnes sheets in boiling water for 50 seconds and then remove them from the boiling water

Place a third of the meat mixture into a casserole dish, cover with lasagne sheets and then cover with a third of the white sauce (I get the ready made sauce but we will try to make it from scratch next time and let you know how it goes πŸ™‚ )

Repeat step above two more times

Finishing with the white sauce – you can also top with cheese (my daughter doesn’t like cheese on it so we didn’t add it)

Put in the oven for 20 – 25 minutes





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