About me! Where to start?

WellĀ if you look up procrastinator you will see a picture of me šŸ™‚

I have great plans to do things but I somehow manage to make up a better excuse not to do it now or ever….. But I always manage not to make an excuse to fit in time to watch a load of episodes of my most recent addictive series on Netflix’s which is currently WhiteĀ Collar – Lovin’ it Ā šŸ™‚

So theĀ reason I am doing this blog is because IĀ heard of theĀ 30 day challenge and I thought why not try it, so I did and I stuck with it, yes you readĀ that right IĀ STUCK WITH ITĀ andĀ I completed the 30 days. It may have taken me two attempts to complete the 30 days challenge but I did it! I broke it andĀ started all over again and completed it on my second attempt. The feeling of achievement I had after I completed it was unreal I was super proud of myself and actually got excited about planning my next challenge.

Now I want toĀ try more and hopefully inspire you procrastinators to try it with ME!!